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Cheap Tanning Beds

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Cheap tanning beds are available for anyone looking for one. Many of them are used but some can be purchased new for just a few hundred dollars. Are they safe?

Most people interested in purchasing cheap tanning beds are looking for a good price on a quality product. Home use versus salon visits are often the aim of someone shopping cheap tanning beds and the smaller models made for home use do minimize the purchase price.

Cheap tanning beds are constructed in much the same way as the more expensive models designed for salon usage. All tanning beds are constructed with a series of fluorescent tubes (lamps) running the length of the top and bottom halves of the machine. Tanning beds designed for home use usually contain 12 to 28 lamps and machines in salons often have anywhere from 24 to 60 lamps.

Wattage of the lamps also marks a difference between cheap tanning beds for home use and professional grade units. Those beds designed for the home usually call for 100-watt lamps. Salon beds use lamps that may emit up to 200 watts.

Cheap tanning beds aren’t really cheap. High-quality beds designed for home use will easily cost $2,000 and many sell for much higher, depending upon brand name, number of lamps, size, and other factors.

And the ultimate in cheap tanning beds? This, of course, would be a used model and a recent search of the web called up a tanning bed for one penny. It was missing the electrical plug and had none of the 24 lamps necessary for operation. And you’d have to travel to a small town in Texas to pick it up.

Cheap tanning beds such as this one might be a do-it-yourselfer’s dream or an electrical nightmare. Serious consideration of the consequences is in order before climbing into one of questionable pedigree.

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