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Used Tanning Beds

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Used tanning beds seem to be a lot like equipment purchased for a home gym – there are a lot of them out there on the market but why is it nobody seems to be using them?

Purchasing a used treadmill, stair or rowing machine may not require a lot of consideration but used tanning beds are much more complex machines that pose much higher risk of danger when the machine hasn’t been properly maintained, stored, or used by the original owner.

An internet search for used tanning beds returns one bed selling for just a penny but it no longer has the factory-installed electrical plug and all the fluorescent lamps are missing. And you have to go all the way to a town in Texas to pick it up yourself. By the time you factor in the cost of travel, time, and transport, new lamps, and electrical apparatus installed by a qualified, licensed electrician, a safer new model may actually cost less.

Perhaps a wiser alternative is to purchase used tanning beds only from people you know, like your sister who purchased the tanning bed to get bronzed and beautiful for her wedding, used it only four times, and now your parents want it out of the garage.

Or from the local tanning salon you already frequent that is in the process of upgrading services by purchasing newer models. You’ve already been using their equipment safely so it’s a good bet the equipment is still in safe working order.

Demonstration models off the showroom floor are usually a safe bet when it comes to purchasing used tanning beds. These units have received minimal use and have been in an environment of tanning bed experts who have their reputations – and their bottom lines – at stake.

Used tanning beds pose the risk of permanent damage to your skin and eyes and maybe even a fire hazard to your home when the electrical system is faulty, in disrepair, or has become damaged during transport or installation. The high intensity of the ultraviolet lamps can cause severe burns that may lead to a lifetime of scarred tissue if they are installed improperly or the voltage to them isn’t regulated as designed by the manufacturer.

If you simply must shop the used tanning beds market, buy it but please do remember to beware.

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